7-foot drag brush

This 7-foot drag brush is the ultimate bocce court maintenance tool.  I’ve seen many home-made court brushes and scrapers.  None of them really have done the job needed on our courts.

Two things have always struck me about this 7-foot drag brush were:

  1. They look home-made and
  2. They tend to be HEAVY.

MarioDragbrushI always use it on the courts I play on, as shown above.

Lee Tennis manufactures these for tennis courts but they are well suited for bocce too.


Even if you have a 13- or 14-foot wide court you can groom it with just two passes – quick enough to do between games. 

Bristles are 4 1/2 inches of synthetic fibers and the strong but light-weight frame is aluminum.  Retails for $210.95 plus shipping.


Click here to purchase: Merchandise Page

Play Bocce!
The Bocce Guy

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