Pearson Corporate Outing

Back in 2009, we did a corporate outing for Pearson Education.

Pearson1We always get to the venue early to groom the courts. Boston based companies can get a permit to use the courts for their corporate event, then hire me and my bocce posse to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

Pearson6The three courts are on Commercial St. overlooking the Charles River. You can view the Bunker Hill Monument and “Old Ironsides” from the venue. The place is ideal for passers-by to stop and watch and learn about the game. The stone embankments just invite you to sit down and watch, then maybe play a little.


Of course, it all starts with a competent, good looking (and well dressed) bocce posse. These guys not only play well and referee well, they have a knack for making sure everyone in the group has a great time.


We randomly assigned players to teams (see our Color Coded system by clicking on the photo above), then gave a short explanation of the game, the rules, and how the afternoon would play out.

Pearson14You’ll need a bracket board. This outing was for textbook publishing giant, Pearson Education. We placed 6 players on each of 12 teams (72 participants). Each team was in a pool with 2 other teams (4 pools of 3 = 12 teams). After pool play, the top team in each pool moved on to the “Medal Round.”

Pearson32Let the games begin! Note the word REFEREE silk screened on the back of each official’s shirt. One referee for each court to keep things running smoothly.


The Gold Medal winners

If you would like us to run a corporate outing anywhere in the States just contact us.  Click here for more pictures: Boston Outing

Good Luck!
The Bocce Guy

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