resin court installation

Resin Court Installation at
the IAC, Stockton, CA

Photos courtesy of Richard Heisler. These great shots show what’s involved in installing the polyurethane resin courts like the ones at Michigan’s Palazzo di Bocce and California’s Campo di Bocce. Aurelio Colleone is the master builder (in the gold shirt) pictured with some of the crew who did the installation at the Italian Athletic Club in Stockton, California.

1According to Heisler “Asphalt is barrowed in. Screed slides on two pieces of square steel tubing. Laser level was used to shim up steel tubes.” {For more info on this process, go to Back Issues and click on the link for The Joy of Bocce Weekly Volume IX – #32 – October18, 2010.}


“Laser level in background. Courts were originally covered with carpet.”



Work continues


Aurelio works the vibraplate while his assistant sprays the surface.





“Resin over primer.”


“Final resin coat and rubber dust.”


Looking Good!


6bA good job…thanks for sharing!  To see more photos click here: This weeks photos

The Bocce Guy!

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