Trick Volo competition

Elizabeth Jade Wong Fontana wrote The Joy of Bocce Weekly to tell us about the Trick Volo Competition.

“I must explain that when the men were competing in this Trick Volo competition, I was standing on the sidelines wishing that I could compete also, but I was intimidated by all of these talented men, and had already changed into my dress. Then Jorge, the USBF men’s champion, encouraged me to make an attempt. I tried my 1st throw wearing my dress. My throw was close to the target, but a miss. So I decided to get serious, and I changed my clothes to really compete.”


Photos by Richard Heisler.

I asked Elizabeth to explain a little more about the Trick Volo competition and she provided this…

“In the Trick Volo competition there were 4 events. You only had 1 attempt at each event. The 1st one was where you had to hit the target raffa ball behind another raffa ball set where the pallino is placed at the beginning of each game. It is a rather long volo shot.

The 2nd event is where someone banks the moving target ball off the left side wall, then you can shoot at it once it passes the volo line. Remember it is a moving target at a diagonal angle.

The 3rd is against the right side wall.

The 4th event is where 2 people roll distracting balls diagonally while a 3rd person launches the target ball directly. You can only shoot at your target after the other 2 balls have crossed each other. As you well know that it is difficult to focus on a stationary target, let alone a moving one, then to top it off, you have the 2 distracting balls that you must keep an eye on.”


Change of attire – increased accuracy.

“Now, I can see that I will have to work on my form, because I look like a frog. But this frog won the event! They surprised me that evening, awarding me a bottle of wine, as Champion of the Trick Volo. And that’s how the story goes. ”


To the victor go the spoils!

“Life lesson learned: Never just stand on the sidelines. Go out there, have fun, and compete!” — Elizabeth Jade Wong Fontana

Click here to watch the video: Trick Shot Volo 2007 competition

Have fun!
The Bocce Guy

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