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As I get older, my son frequently talks to me about alternative health. He showed me this article which might be of interest to some of the young bucks or old-timers that are out there:

“With sports, health is the major player. Eventually the abused body fails when the health was not protected. The same problems for all humans become major problems for those into sports. Sports takes more effort, speeds up the wearing out of the body.

Cost professional players millions of $$$$ as they fail to perform and are let go….as their body falls apart, they are constantly hurt, getting little operations, tendons failing, joints falling apart—-brain disease consuming their life…

The professional fighters are your best example—these guys can be 6 feet tall, 160 pounds and still appear to be a little fat, compared to their opponent who may be 6 feet tall, 160 and pure muscle. They both can beat each other up severely for 15 minutes and are proof positive of the OLD MEDICAL weight charts where no man past 6′ should be much more than 165 pounds in weight———-and then look at your professional football players! They want these kids by age 16 to be 225+ pounds, muscle bound monsters. 1 in 1 million will make it to a pro contract and only a few will avoid serious injury.

The basketball players and virtually all professional high contact sports players suffer huge loss with their tendons==========

Today, in our STATE, the kids are falling apart in school sports. The large city kids literally are the worse——I can only imagine vaccinations/city water and government foods being the major players in their destruction along with massive electronic destruction of their mind and total health.

When I was a kid, the large city schools would slaughter us, because they have more kids to choose from……but today, if the masses are damaged, it does not seem to matter and actually, these big city kids seem to be “damaged” and some of the easiest teams to beat.

As with most school teams, you have 1-4 players that stand out and the rest have their moments, but being less physical, less tall, etc. they become team support and not the names you read in the paper after each game.

Naturally with the reading of names, the coaches decide the positions to be played and some key positions make it possible so the popular kid can score–but in the long run the healthiest kids will rise to the top, just because they plain more, because they CAN.

Our kids have never been vaccinated, raised on distilled water, herbs, no dairy in the house, no pop in the house; thus no dental decay—no dentist harm; never seen a m.d. after the day they were born—-but otherwise enjoy all the things their buddies do—meaning too much electronics.

As a result, they are “taller” than their buddies in general, faster, stronger and stand out in the sports they play. Not the best always, but stand out. The best at a young age are those who father’s play coach and make sure their kids are the key players, but as they get older, daddies kids fall to the side as the paid coaches choose and pick from the flock.

Our 13 year old, when he was a toddler, I noticed he was “different”, he had thighs and hips with wrapped muscles that I called Arnold Muscles—the kids just looked “different” muscle wise. Those muscles took a huge change around age 11 and today look very normal….he went through a baby fat type process and in 1 year jumped up in size and took on a totally different appearance, so much that people did not recognize him. He changed his diet habits—originally he was our clean up boy—-anything left on the table he would eat it….a true human garbage disposal, but when he changed from soccer to football, he decided to change and today prefers fruit and consuming more and more herbs with time as he learns.

In soccer high school coaches would tell my wife they “want” him. First year basketball, the high school coaches would tell my wife, they want him. In football, after 2 years, his team has not been beaten, not even a close score and all the high school coaches saying they want him. Not just because he is taller/stronger, but he “appears” to understand the game and more important, seems to be a team player and not the ball hog, such as the spoiled kids try to do…the same is noticed with the 10 year old, after he has a “secured” lead in each game, then he gives the ball to the others, so all can play the game and all the coaches watching him and the opposing coaches have complained against him, saying he is an unfair player, that should be taken out of the game after it is known they are going to win–due to the fact the other teams get beaten so badly that it makes the kids cry or feel bad…THIS is also why today in AMERICA the local teams all pretty much ##### due to the fact the good players leave and join traveling teams. The community teams have to allow all kids to play and that is great—but often these kids look like their parents and play worse and by high school are phased out as far as sports go.

Always who you know, verses what you know until you “stand” out.

The rich kids make it in college and the few poor kids that “stand” out.

$$$$ does not last forever with sports, $$$ can not buy your health, we see wealthy people world wide dying young all the time…Money can buy you good food, healthy house, etc…but sports health comes from an attitude of desiring to win….the good kids can’t stand to be beaten…..but sadly, most all of their parents think the latest vaccine and sports dope is the answer along with the most expensive package at the local Y.

The schools that specialize in future professional football players hire personal coaches and a diet plan that makes those kids weight 50-150 pounds too much while still in high school. They will have 200 players on their team and the parents all spent a fortune with high hopes their monster child will get picked by the top colleges and make it to the pro’s some day…

LOOK at the new KISS TEAM in LA, using $$$$ to buy the best—-the best that is left, when shown as a behind the scenes “SHOW”, these monster men are all falling apart—their health sucks…These wealthy team owners, wealthy team played all pay professional people for diet/health education/support and that is where they fall part………wrong diets and PARASITES…

These players most likely have lacked proper iodine/minerals since their conception and unlimited poisons accumulated in their bodies…THE STRONGEST FIGHT, but they are fighting a loosing battle because they do not know their enemies and they take advice from the college brain washed professionals that support “medical” ways.

LYMES is eating the players literally alive…their bones brittle/hollow and their tendons eaten from within…the harder they work out, the more acid eats their intestines and starves their heart of calcium….and the worms “feast”…and naturally with their wealth $$$$ the bad habits multiply.

Is it any wonder so many have brains ate up by their 50’s….and so many wash-out by the end of college. FACE THE FACTS, if you make it past college and your daddy was not famous/$$$$/connected, odds are if you go pro, you go pro in another country other than america. You have to be really/really good to be a poor welfare kid and make it to the pros in america. It happens, but even the last of the great ones all succumb to parasites and poor diet. The other day Pete Rose was shown with his lady friend  on a poor tv show and what a classic example of self-destruction, same with many professional boxers, basket ball players, football players, etc….when they are out of the game for what ever reasons, they literally fall apart…and they all quit or fired for 1 reason, they no longer stand out.

The kids are already noticing the eating habits of their fellow good players and noticed how these buddies “hurt” during or after the game. They “NO” these kids take no herbs and go to the doctor. Most come from divorced homes, which often means their diets/habits are not always the best as they are shuffled back and forth, etc…it would appear in the common every day government schools at least 50% of the kids are from split families or never knew 1 of their parents….while the opposite it is true in the private schools of the wealthy, who go to private colleges over seas…those kids often come from a family of 8-12 with the goal of ruling the world.

Life for all then kids is a learning process of good and evil and the choices they make determine their path and the 1 common issue they all have—is bad diet, parasites and posions.

A healthy kid is like hitting a rock, while the sickly kid hurts with the contact and does not know why. The kids that stand out are this simple: they make contact and the other kid goes down and does not get up easily.  Sadly the the ones that stand out, get off on this—they enjoy the sports because they get to put kids “down” and not get punished for the fun.

In football, their coaches often tell them to put them down, so they don’t want to play the rest of the game. That would seem the golden rule of professional football, to eliminate your player from playing again.

In basketball, if you fallow the rules to the extreme, you also get away with putting kids “out” of the game. Those with strong bones and muscles are the ones that are going to stand, while the ones they play against, go down to the floor. Quite brutal but what they call contact “sports” and kids do it because it is the socially expected way in schools to get attention/praise.

Someone is going to get HURT virtually every game, especially by high school level.

It use to be, no one in school played a game until age 6th grade, while today they want your kid pushing a ball around by age 4 and by age 8 some of these kids are really good. Sports in America has became a huge business for each state.

Is it really repeating the days of gladiators where adults like to watch people beat each other up? Using a “ball” to make it look civil? That is debatable, but what is real, is the fact that you must PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES or risk injury and for some, even death or disability.

I was more into cars than sports. I do not watch sports, especially if i do not know someone on the team. The 16 year old is surely one of the biggest kids in his class, all the coaches begged and begged him, but at age 14 he walked away from all contact sports, seeing it for what it was—-silly and turned to all music, joined the show choir and specializes in piano. As far as sports goes, if he had wanted to, he could have ruled his high school.

The younger ones are still enjoying the game, enjoying that everyone knows them, enjoying being top dogs. But most of all, it is they education to see how the world is, especially how these other kids get injured, how they hurt and most of all—WHY.

It is laughable how these professional sports team owners spend hundreds of millions $$$ on their teams and are clueless how to keep them playing….I do not think they have a clue how LYMES/PARASITES is eating them alive.

With public schools it is sad to see how each team has 1-4 good players and the rest are just “there”…often the coaches telling them they need to be able to “move” and all he can say to them legally is to work with their doctor.

Even more sad, in an age where the bad people see that the earth has 5.5 billion too many people, their interest is not in promoting longevity. Professional help will not be available. You have to return to nature; understand human body functions and how to correct the problems.

In Pro Sports the team owners should require each player to prove they are worm free to a predetermined level to even qualify. BOOK I their sports bible and most of all, Dr. Jackson their coach from the past—each player required to wake up and avoid injuries.”


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Stay Healthy!
The Bocce Guy

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