International rules primer

Here is a three-and-a-half minute video of international punta raffa volo singles play where there happened to be no hitting, just pointing. Notice how gently the rolls are on the synthetic surface at Michigan’s Palazzo di Bocce.

Two good players, Brian Polantz and Angel Cordano, match up in a duel of pointing. Brian Polantz starts off by rolling his first ball a little past the pallino.

Dr. Cordano then rolls next and beats Brian’s point. Notice how the referee marks the positions of balls with chalk affixed to the bottom of the measuring device. When the referee holds the scoring device upright (perpendicular to the court surface), he’s telling the players that the last roll beat the previous point. Holding it parallel to the court surface means the point was not made and you must roll again.

After Brian Polantz rolls all four of his bocce balls, he moves to the area of the played balls, stands outside the court, and waits for the end of the frame.

When the frame ends Dr. Cordano ends up with two points as he had two balls closer to the pallino than the closest ball of Polantz.

Dr. C gets to roll the pallino in the next frame and play the first ball.

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