Pro Sports Kit

This may be of interest to bocce players and all other sports fans alike as an alternative way to keep up good health in our advancing years:

“I finally finished up the Pro Sports Kit today.  The leading product is one I called PRO BONES at a very adult strength.  Later tonight I will write up a file on it.  I made 2 strengths of POWER SPRAY, one is like an atomic bomb, the one you would use when only minutes left to play and you have to score the winning point! Also a daily spray and a pain spray, all based on the high performance athlete.

I made the free folder to explain the products and supply education, but those seeking to enter have to tell their story, no story, no enter and miss out!  The folder is blank since I jut made it late last night, but soon will start fill up.  Hopefully a few old retired Pro Sports people will throw in their opinions and help out these youngsters!

The professional player that has injuries that don’t heal perfect, verses the ones that never have an injury!!!!!  shows they are not of the same health and the one that never injures is going to end up with the largest pay checks…..

So if the ones that have injury problems can find herbal help that allows the bones/tendons, etc….to properly heal; that would be amazing and that is the goal.

Sports Injury Ointment “A” Mild

Sports Injury Ointment “B” HOT

Today I took the spray theory to this theory:

If a herbal spray is good, more would be better.  So today is the first time i put a spray formula in a large dispenser type 32 ounce bottle. call it a “liniment” because it looks like that when you first put it on your hand and apply liberally.

I made this first time trial bottle for a pitcher, with the theory of applying the entire body as a way to avoid torn ligaments/tendons, etc….and i will bet he won’t need to set around keeping his pitcher’s arm warm between innings….

Massage the entire body (pro pitchers have people do this as part of their job “i” think) and apply to what ever hurts as many times as it takes to be pain free and limber as a goose!

Take the tension from the pitcher, remove the fears of ripping a tendon and at the very least, he should not go out of the game with an injury….if you been watching the games in the past few years, seems like allot of guys go down with injuries from over powering their tendons.

The only real competitor making a spray i would even suggest, charges about $29.95 for a vitamin style spray with zero herbs, i suggest our spray 1 is 10x superior to that product; but based on that price, a 32 ounce would be worth $479.20 and i would suggest the pro pitcher liniment/spray would be about 108x stronger/better at least…and what “working” man could afford $479.20 for anything in a bottle, except some m.d. or other highly educated rich person that is not going to seek hand made herbal products…

So i get bottle i and the customer gets bottle ii, plus we both get the same product in a 8 ounce spray bottle as well…in theory, it can be made much, much more powerful, but i can’t go beyond what a person will tolerate, so a balance needs to be found.

I am a poor example to try these things, i am so use to the taste/effects, it is hard for me to notice a product unless it is really potent and what i call mild might be way to extreme for a first time person.

Using large quantities over all the joints/flesh, etc…in theory, we can make this guy invincible to disease/injuries.. i will empty my large bottle and if i can get the customer to empty his, between what he says and what i think, i can determine if i need to make it stronger…..hopefully what he thinks is strong today, will be kids stuff next year, if we can help him turn into “superman”…..because each year, i can custom make his formulas stronger and stronger and no germ on the planet will want anything to do with his body and his bones and flesh “flexible”….

“flexibility” is what this theory is all about….

Stretch it and if it still hurts,,,soak it, spray it, drink it, what ever it takes….and naturally, this theory is for the boxer, the runner, the cyclist, the work out man/woman, every sport know and for us who just want to live well.

The spray theories have only just began, they will change and change as things are learned…so many things to try. to see hat happens.

I can imagine a pitcher’s arm can really hurt/fatigue and the pro so worried about an injury that could cost a fortune or end the career…i am certain the muscles/tendons/bones can be made “flexible” and injury proof.

I am mixing the old/old theory of those million dollar race horses with the herbal sprays….because if a million dollar race horse blows a tendon, his owner may kill him to collect the insurance $$$, etc…or put him out to pasture if he is really a lucky horse…so they only get “one” chance to be a pro….and their first injury can be their last in more ways than one.

Such theories and things will all be apart of the pro sports folder in time to come. the folder is free and those that help the folder, certainly can stop by and play in barn ii some day!!!! those that send a signed large picture of them selves when they were in a professional sports team in the past or present, may find them selves getting newer versions of these sprays/herbs to try out and tell me what they think, etc…and with a few people such as that, eventually these sprays will be perfected….”


Post some feedback if it is something we all should be looking into.  Let me know what you think.

Stay Healthy!
The Bocce Guy

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