old set of bocce balls

Can you help Dr. Joe identify these Bocce balls?

Msytery_balls3_325“I wanted to solicit the collective knowledge of the Bocce Nation regarding some old bocce balls that I found in my grandfather’s basement in 2005.  My grandfather (Rosolino Finazzo) was born in the town of Carini, Sicily near Palermo.  The balls are wooden and some have 1-2 nail heads with what looks to be remnants of leather beneath them.”

“I’m not sure where these balls came from but my grandfather emigrated to America through Ellis Island and lived in South Jersey.  I wanted to restore these balls to some sort or original condition but was warned not to alter them until I got more information on what ‘Restored’ really means.”


“1) Can anybody describe the proper method to restore these balls to their original condition?
2) Should they be altered at all?
3) What is the purpose of the nail heads?
4) Should the nail heads be retained in any restoration effort?”

Post a comment or contact the good doctor at defrenk@hawaii.edu
His website: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~defrenk/

The Bocce Guy

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