Top dress your court

How to top dress your bocce court

A pictorial representation

See Joy of Bocce Weekly, Volume I, Issue #45 for full details.

After playing on my backyard stone dust bocce court for many years, I “stepped up” to the much faster Har-Tru surface.  With the help of my “bocce crew” we top dressed the court with an inch of the Har-Tru material which is used on fine clay tennis courts.

Initially concerned about drainage, I found that once the material “set up” or “cured,” it drained quite well.  The final test was when we had heavy rainfall on a Sunday and were able to play our regular Monday morning league the next day.  That’s when I knew I could endorse the product without reservation.

Begin by placing strapping (these are 8 footers) at one end of court, leveling them using transit.

Level the transit at the opposite end of the court.

Find someone like my friend Bill who knows how to operate that transit.

Determine a reference point for leveling and use this consistently as you work your way down the court.

Open the bags and dump the top dressing onto the court and over the strapping.

Begin the “screeding” process.

A trowel comes in handy for finish work.

Continue leveling and checking reference point with transit.

Workers might want surgical masks when working with fine particulates.

Continue down the court.

We all like longer courts, but at this point we’re thinking short isn’t so bad.

Carefully remove the strapping and fill in the space with more material.

A good “finish man” is worth his weight in gold.

We used two garden hoses to thoroughly wet all the material.

The heavier the roller the better (600 lb. recommended).

A tamper comes in handy for corners and edges.

Step back and observe the results – a job well done.

Our top dressing work crew – hey, you can’t beat the price!

Call or email me if you need some Har-Tru and I will get you a good deal.  Fill out this form on my Joy of Bocce website for faster results.

Have fun!
The Bocce Guy

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