Nevins Book Fair

On October 4th the Friends of the Nevins Library sponsored this event for us local authors to promote our books.  Each author was given three or four minutes of talk time in front of the group.

1aHere I am talking a little bit about the Joy of Bocce.

2aGuntis Goncarovs, historian and author of Convergence of Valor: The Men of the H.L. Hunley, had lots of interesting things to say about the evolution of the first submarine used in battle, its sinking, and most recent recovery.

2b Setting up our table to display all our bocce paraphernalia to promote the game.  The new, fourth edition of the book Joy of Bocce is on display.

4dThese antique bocce balls, probably date back more than half a century ago.

5eBefore the event, beautiful stained glass windows adorn our venue.

6gSitting at the bench with my wife… observing the aged, 100+ year old tree that was soon to be cut down.

7gThis old tree dates back to the Civil War era.  The beautiful, historical landmark in the town of Methuen had been rotting away for years.

8hUnfortunately, as more and more termites had been eating its way through, it was scheduled to be cut down.

10bcdAll the local authors pose for a group photo.  As it turned out, we had a good afternoon even though very few books were sold.  OK maybe none.  Truth be told, we gave it our best shot.

Play Bocce!
The Bocce Guy

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