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Volo Speed Shooting

More properly called Rapid Progressive Volo Shooting, this is an event where target balls are placed on pre-positioned locations on mats located at each end of the court. The contestant runs to the 7.5 meter line and lofts his shot … Continue reading

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Sports Health

As I get older, my son frequently talks to me about alternative health. He showed me this article which might be of interest to some of the young bucks or old-timers that are out there: “With sports, health is the … Continue reading

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The Skills of the Game

The Skills of the Game – Pointing Bocce is a game of strategy, a game of one-ups-manship, a game of hitting, even a game of “luck of the bounce.” But more than anything else, ours is a game of “touch.” … Continue reading

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Trick Volo competition

Elizabeth Jade Wong Fontana wrote The Joy of Bocce Weekly to tell us about the Trick Volo Competition. “I must explain that when the men were competing in this Trick Volo competition, I was standing on the sidelines wishing that … Continue reading

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