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Oyster shell bocce court

John and Andrea Ross built a fantastic oyster shell bocce court in 2001 so she could practice for the World Bocce Games.  Mario, from, and I interview John about his court. “I had met John and Andrea for the … Continue reading

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International rules primer

Here is a three-and-a-half minute video of international punta raffa volo singles play where there happened to be no hitting, just pointing. Notice how gently the rolls are on the synthetic surface at Michigan’s Palazzo di Bocce. Two good players, … Continue reading

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Belly Flop bocce

Mike Pisano of Team USA Bocce shows off the new age style of pointing taking hold in Pennsylvania. Mitchie, head honcho at says “It’s a Western Pennsylvania thing.” This is an variation of the punto (gentle) method.  It is … Continue reading

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