One of the neat things about bocce is that you don’t need a whole lot of equipment. Once you have a good set of bocce balls you are basically set for life (although I am amazed at how many people lose object balls).

The only other equipment you might need is a measuring device. People use all sorts of makeshift measures, string, sticks, and car antennae. And these are fine. But if you want to step up a bit and own a precision instrument (makes a great gift for any bocce lover) here are a couple suggestions from Prohawk Ltd. of the United Kingdom.

Be aware that the Brits and the Scots and Aussies use “measure” as a noun where Americans use it more as a verb. UK = “Hand me the measure, bloke, and I will verify that the final point is mine and that you owe me a pint.”  USA = “Toss me the tape, pal, and I’ll measure this last point so you can buy me a beer.”

Click here to see some of the products we have in store: Joy of Bocce website

Have fun!
The Bocce Guy


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