One of the neat things about bocce is that you don’t need a whole lot of equipment. Once you have a good set of bocce balls you are basically set for life (although I am amazed at how many people lose object balls).

The only other equipment you might need is a measuring device. People use all sorts of makeshift measures, string, sticks, and car antennae. And these are fine. But if you want to step up a bit and own a precision instrument (makes a great gift for any bocce lover) here are a couple suggestions from Prohawk Ltd. of the United Kingdom.

Be aware that the Brits and the Scots and Aussies use “measure” as a noun where Americans use it more as a verb. UK = “Hand me the measure, bloke, and I will verify that the final point is mine and that you owe me a pint.”  USA = “Toss me the tape, pal, and I’ll measure this last point so you can buy me a beer.”

Click here to see some of the products we have in store: Joy of Bocce website

Have fun!
The Bocce Guy

1 Response to Merchandise

  1. Mike Rannow says:

    Dear Bocce Guy
    When I lived in Italy, for some reason the bocce games did not draw me in despite the natural appeal they had. I’m interested now and purchased a cheap set to make sure it was something I wanted to do. Now I will gift that set to my daughter and her family as they like it too and seek out a set that I really like.

    I’ve narrowed my search to Perfetta, EPCO and St. Pierre. My question is why does St. Pierre not seem to get the love here? Like Epco (Parello?) a family business that is American made of quality resin following exacting tolerances. Provided you get the TB1 or TB2 sets which are made in the US. Even their Chinese sets appear to be of good quality and made to their specs.

    Kind regards,
    Mike Rannow

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