Joy of Bocce Weekly Archived Issues

Reader Feedback from Issue #1

Wow! Thanks for all the positive feedback and for being patient with the first test run done by mistake. I knew there would likely be formatting problems so I attempted a test run to myself, but mailed to the entire list by mistake. Anyway, here are some of the things people had to say:

I list these, not to pat myself on the back, but to give you an idea of who’s playing bocce and where they are. Getting some bocce dialog going is great, but we need to get to a larger audience to really have an impact.

“I think your weekly e-mag is a wonderful idea and will go a long way to further popularize this excellent sport that combines social as well as athletic skills. I look forward to the next edition.” — Sal Fauci, Endicott, NY

“I wish you well on this new endeavor. Anything anyone can do to help promote the sport helps fulfill the goals of the United States Bocce Federation.” — Donna Allen, USBF

“Thanks for keeping the game alive. You will always have support from here.” — Rich Mazzulla Elmwood Park, IL

“I welcome your Joy of Bocce Weekly. I’m the Texas Special Olympics Director of Bocce Competition.” — Ed Crozier

“Hey Mario— Great newsletter! Keep em coming.” — Jeff Jernstedt Portland, Oregon

“I thought “bocce” and “unsubscribe” were mutually exclusive! You shouldn’t use them in the same sentence!” — Peter Ferris Coweta, OK

“Your Ezine was a welcome surprise for the New Year, and I think a good idea.” — Stan Stanton Las Vegas, NV

“I received your Ezine and enjoyed the comments. I have noticed the differences in terms and methods of play while visiting various clubs here in the midwest. As a matter of fact, about the only standards that I have noticed are the balls are round and it takes people to play. Looking forward to future issues. Thanks,” — Don Scrignoli Des Moines, Iowa

“A weekly or at least periodically having a publication about bocce is a good idea. I found a website you should check out and support in your E-zine to help establish some standards for bocce. The address is Bocce Standards.”

Publisher’s note: [the Bocce Standards] site represents a legitimate attempt at bringing standards to the game. It appears that the people involved have appointed themselves the “standard bearers,” but their effort is sincere, intelligent, and well meaning. Give them a look-see.

Any past articles can be accessed here: Back Issues

Enjoy the Sport!
TheBocce Guy

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