Connecticut Corporate Outing

This week’s photos were taken on a nice grassy area by the beach in Connecticut for Kirkland Event & Destination Services, Inc.  Kirkland’s the outfit that contracted with me to run the bocce portion of this corporate event for Hartford Steam Boilers Inspection and Insurance Co.  Visit Kirkland’s web site at

They are a first-rate outfit that I can recommend without reservation.  Back in 2013 we ran this corporate outing for the Hartford Steamboiler’s group.  Enjoy the pictures:

1A few hours ahead of schedule we set up two bocce courts.  Notice the yellow sand-bags are there to keep the white tape in place when high winds prevail.

3High on the veranda we get a beautiful aerial view of our courts and the surrounding area.

2cWhen everyone showed up I discussed the rules and how the tournament was played.  Here, I was giving a few strategy pointers before game time.


4bbIn the background you can see how the event was well-catered; providing good food and drink for the Hartford Steamboilers.

5fThis first-class event was put together by Heather Huebner, corporate events manager for Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.  As you can see, the moon was rising on one side…

6hhAs the sun was setting on the other.  If you would like us to run a corporate outing done in a similar fashion, feel free to contact me.

Have fun!
The Bocce Guy

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